I think it’s brilliant. Packed full of insight, a rallying call to make the most of your life at any age

Michael Townsend Williams, author of Do Breathe


A tremendous book full of wisdom and perspective

Paul Flatters, CEO Trajectory


Generation Cherry absolutely nails a major emerging social trend – a whole generation who are unable and unwilling to retire…

Charles Kingsmill, leading business strategy coach


In an increasingly uncertain and insecure world this is an optimistic and essential guide for our times.

Malcolm Durham, author of WealthBeing: a guide to creating wealth and enjoying well-being


Tim’s… practical suggestions for dealing with a sudden and painful change in career and personal prospects offer sound guidance not just to older citizens.

Stewart Fleming, former US Editor, Financial Times



Thanks to the insights in this very readable book I’ve been re-calibrated, and am now even younger than I thought.

Peter Duncan, Actor, Blue Peter presenter, Chief Scout


You can be as young as you think

The book is an uplifting and practical guide to moving from Old Brained, anxious, defensive, closed, thinking, to Young Brained, creative, enthusiastic and open thinking. Co-written with Chris Middleton, it poses the question: Do you have an Old Brain or a Young Brain?


Through six easy-to-follow and life-changing steps, you’ll find out that ageing is all in the mind. You’ll discover how, by developing a younger brain, you can live a more fulfilled, rewarding, successful and happy life.



A practical guide to define your values and motivations which will empower you to make a real difference. And highly relevant to your business. My copy of this great book has notes in every margin and is also an important reference book for Sweay Betty’s life coach – he swears by it, and uses in all his sessions with our senior team.

Simon Hill Norton, Co Founder and CEO – Sweaty Betty


How to make a difference

The desire to “make a difference” in our lives is stronger than ever – the book provides inspiration and advice on how to achieve it. This is a modern-day self-help book that captures exactly what people are feeling about the world they live in.


It’s about two things. Firstly, it provides a simple action plan to make more effective at making a difference in our chosen domain. Secondly, and more importantly, it is about how we can discover our purpose, and in so doing, find where that domain should be. Through making a difference, we can find fulfilment in life.