Tim Drake has co-founded and run businesses, think tanks and charities. He is a keynote speaker to business audiences around Europe on personal and group motivation, and unlocking potential.


He believes that many people feel, like he does, that they have unrealised potential, and that they are looking at ways to release it. Now in his seventies, he still sees himself as a promising youngster and intends on thinking and behaving like someone much younger. He is putting moreinto life, and getting more out of it.


He is married with two grown up daughters, and lives in London.


Generation Cherry is his fourth book, and he had the most fun writing it – tackling the challenges, spotting the opportunities and providing a toolkit for anyone approaching retirement and/or finding themselves redundant.


It’s about getting a second bite of the cherry of life – how do you retain a sense of control in your life, when the old stabilities of conventional jobs and career development are dissolving around you? How do you live positively with income uncertainty? How do you make sure you fit in some more adventures before you even start thinking about getting old? Tim shares some of the answers in Generation Cherry.

DO Lectures

An incredible organisation, I was lucky enough to take part and I’d highly recommend watching all their lectures.



I was part of a great day in Brighton focused on generations.